Tommyrotter Cider Cask Finished Tennessee Whiskey

Tommyrotter Cider Cask Finished Tennessee Whiskey


$60.00 Quantity  


Part of our limited release series, “The Masterwork Collection,” this Tennessee Whiskey (aged 7 years) is finished in hard apple cider casks from a Black Bird Cider Works, a local cidery in Western New York.  Distilled from a bourbon mashbill but aged in recharred barrels, this non-chill filtered and overproof whiskey is a perfect for sipping.

(47.5% alc./vol., 95 proof)

90 Points – Whiskey Advocate

“Hugely herbal from the start: coriander seed, licorice, dill, and black tea aromas, with some grape and blueberry jam, lemon, and oak. Sweet fruit tempers the herbaceous and mineral palate; layers of cooked berry, Coca-Cola, cherries, lemon oil, and peanuts create a silky, rounded profile, all tied up with generous oak. Finished in Black Bird Cider Works hard cider casks.” — Whiskey Advocate Vol. 28, #2 


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